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(whats your personal/art blog bro, need plz)

Here ya go, and here’s my art tag. Have fun! There’s plenty of GhiraDemi there too, but it’s all mostly sketchy scrapped work that I didn’t feel like finishing.

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((OOC: Demise is totally tripping balls. /strobe light hair

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Mmm, and that’s not even the best part of what he can do… ♥

Mmm, and that’s not even the best part of what he can do… ♥

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((OOC: I’m so sorry for leaving this askblog so bare for so long!

I’ve been on a vacation and just got back from my trip this week, so I haven’t exactly had the time to answer all these amazing questions you guys have filled the blog’s inbox with.

But I’m back now, so expect more answers very soon!

Once again, sorry everyone~ Just letting you all know that I’m not dead and neither is askghirademi. ;D))

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((OOC: Just as a heads up because I’m paranoid and I should have done this to begin with when I opened this blog…

As a warning to all of my wonderful followers, this blog will be NSFW every now and then [if the previous post didn’t give that away] so I wanted to make sure you all knew this.

NSFW, in this case, covers everything from PG-13 to violence/blood to 18+ slash, so… It really just all depends on what asks I find tasteful for the blog. Nothing is written out, so anything is possible [I really want to keep this blog as wide-open as I can], but I can assure you it’s not going to be gruesome for every single post. These NSFW posts definitely won’t be a normality for askghirademi, so you can be at ease 98% of the time with the content of this blog.

It’s just a warning in case something does come up, you know? I don’t want to scare anyone to death! I’m just being cautious is all. I love you guys~

And I’ll always tag them “nsfw” so if you have tumblr savior you can block that tag if you need to.

Once again, I apologize for not stating this warning in advance.

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